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Bobcat Supreme HD Grease Cartridge 400g

Main characteristics

Highly adhesive and cohesive structure for many applications. Less washout and reduced maintenance. Excellent anti-wear and extreme-pressure performance.

  • Extra-high-performance lithium-complex grease with extreme pressure additives.
  • Excellent protection against rust, corrosion and water.
  • Superb adhesion, structural stability and resistance to water washout.
  • Provides high-temperature performance in severe operating conditions.
  • Formulated for excellent protection in wet conditions and under heavy shock loads.
  • Ideal for lube points with sliding and pivoting movements.
  • Regular regreasing required (regrease per Owners Manual).
  • NLGI #2
  • Seal Compatibility: Contains polymer to add tackiness to resist fling off from grease collar at seal/bushing.
  • Drop Point: 536°F (280°C)
  • Color: Blue


SKU: 6987889
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